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Can you guys reconmend any one night stand turned lovers story? Any pairing with Zayn. <3

The Zone/The Morning - TwistedArtist (Liam/Zayn)

Liam has an one night stand with a man named Zayn. He didn’t know that Zayn’s a prostitute (top!liam, bottom!zayn, infidelity, drunk!sex, prostitute!zayn, straight!liam, angry!sex)

One night stand - Fille_du_soleil (Liam/Zayn)

Liam went to a party to have fun, not to meet his mate and get bonded on their first night together.

It was all Louis’ fault anyway… (top!zayn, bottom!liam, omegaverse, alpha!zayn, omega!liam, mpreg)

Leaving Fingerprints Under Your Skin - Diaryofanarcissisticgayman (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn is a model who doesn’t do the whole boyfriend thing. He’s a serial one-night-stand kind of guy and he likes his life that way. Then this naive kid comes along and changes everything because maybe Zayn sort of likes him. He doesn’t do that though. He doesn’t LIKE people. (top!liam, bottom!zayn, model!zayn, first!time, loss of virginity, underage)

- Kaylee

Any noncon or noncon/ daddy kink combined

All You Had To Do Is Ask - l3vi (zianourry/5sos)

Niall goes to one party and wakes up sandwiched between two guys. Once he figures out left from right, he gets fucked up and down and dirty. Oh, what a dirty boy his is, and you had to do is ask. (non!con, bottom!niall, gangbang, cock worship, subspace, daddy!kink)

Harry’s slave - Bifches (Harry/Zayn)

In which Zayn doesn’t pay attention to the rules and Harry has to punish him. (WIP, chaptered, dirty!talk, daddy!kink, non!con, tw: rape)

A Player’s Life - Legna (Liam/Louis)

Liam’s living the good life: fucking whoever he want, drinking, smoking, partying while maintaining a successful career and squeaky clean reputation…

Until he meet some people who will be the downfalls of his comfortable life (33k, non!con, top!liam, bottom!louis, daddy!kink, somnophilia)

You’re not leaving - letthemadnesswin (Louis/Niall, Niall/Zayn)

Niall thought he had the dream boyfriend, he was loving,kind,handsome and a very successful lawyer. Yet things started to change once Louis started to drink, he would get violent and the stress of his job did not help either. Worse louis started to get jealous and keeps a close eye on Niall, to the point were he is basically trapped in the Winnipeg penthouse.Will he stay with him and be unhappy or will he risk running and leave Louis behind. (13k, top!louis, bottom!niall, sugardaddy!louis, abuse, domestic violence, non!con, cheating)

< p>- Kaylee

Any priest or in a church ones thanks loves

You Holy Fool - chasingxrabbits (Liam/Zayn)

Liam is a good kid, on the right path until he finds something wicked making a home in his church.(A slightly religious AU where Liam has a moral dilemma and Louis is falling head over heels for the curly headed sophomore.) (riding, first!time, angels!demons)

Confess Your Sins - discombobulated (Niall/Zayn)

Most teenagers spend their spare time after school surfing the internet or hanging out with friends. Sometimes girls would go shopping and guys would like to skateboard around. Generally teenagers don’t listen to confessions of others. Well, generally, but you see, Niall Horan isn’t your typical teenager.

Or one in which Zayn ends up fucking Niall who works part-time as a sleazy priest for his dad. (10k, non!con, top!zayn, bottom!niall, innocent!niall, first time, highschool!au)

Our Father - smu ttythings (zianourry)

Liam is a priest and decides to start a class for boys turning 12 that school year to teach them about sex in a religious setting. He teaches the boys that coming is a sin. Lots of demonstrating, practicing, and private sessions. (non!con, top!liam, bottom!harry, bottom!louis, bottom!niall, bottom!zayn, underage)

Leviticus 18:22 - KelliDiane (Harry/Niall)

Harry is the new kid with a bad attitude and Niall’s the son of priest who’s never even thought about girls- let alone boys. Somehow, they make it work. (23K, top!harry, bottom!niall, piercing!fic, abuse)

- Kaylee

There's a few fics I've been looking for that are ziam. Where Liam is famous and meets zayn. Or the other way around.

Playboy Magazine - dianoutte (Liam/Zayn)

Liam loves his job. Posing nude for Playboy (the gay section) is kind of his thing. But when he arrived at work that day, he didn’t know the famous model Zayn Malik was joining him for, well, some really hot pictures. (pornstar!au, public!sex, blow!jobs, hand!jobs, restroom!sex)

One In Ten Million - craigtrash (Liam/Zayn)

University student Zayn Malik is a big fan of One Direction, world famous boy band, especially member Liam Payne. When Liam accidentally tweets his phone number, Zayn takes a chance that changed his life. (36K)

Glass houses full of stone - luminous_nyght (Liam/Zayn)

And as they fall over furniture and hit walls with their shoulders, it’s settling in now that this is home, not just another fancy glass house full of stones. The people that live here, they breathe, they laugh, they dance. They cry. This life, Liam’s life, it wasn’t pretty. It was messy and chaotic, but it’s real and now this is his verity too. (51k, top!zayn, bottom!liam, switching, famous!liam, teacher!zayn)

swim for your life - transgenicveins (Liam/Zayn)

‘and during the London Olympics, Zayn performs in fro nt of the whole world, becomes infatuated with an athlete, breaks Twitter, makes softcore porn, and learns how to swim.’

(not necessarily in that order) (12k, Olympic!au, swimmer!liam, famous!zayn)

Young Gods - abovetheserpentine (Liam/Zayn)

This is Liam’s fi rst Grand Slam. He’s eighteen, he’s a wildcard, and he has a thirst to prove himself even if he can’t quite believe he’s in Australia. Backed by world famous coach Louis Tomlinson, Liam feels like his chances are pretty good.

Then he remembers that twenty-two year old Zayn Malik is back from injury to be a part of the tournament. Suddenly, Liam’s odds don’t seem so good anymore. (30k, top!zayn, bottom!liam, switching, blowjob, fingering, angst, age difference)

It’s You - happily_missy (Liam/Zayn)

Liam is a PA for a famous fashion designer and Zayn is their gorgeous new model.

or the one where Liam is in control of everything except for the fact that he keeps getting hard around Zayn and Zayn refuses to admit that yes he wants Liam to push him up against a wall. (WIP, 40k, top!liam, bottom!zayn, rimming, praise!kink, dirty!talk, blowjob, masturbation, spanking, pining)

- Kaylee

Hey lovelies, I haven't said lately that y'all blog is amazing! Also, can y'all do me a favor and let everyone know I'm taking prompts, I do pretty much all pairings, and I'm willings to try writing "most" kinks.

Send some prompts in!!!! If you have no ideas, take something from this list! - Kaylee

I want to recommend a story - Let's be young, let's pretend that we never will die. It's for someone who misses 1d, missed ot5 fics, misses ziam because it is the main pairing but all in all it's very good! Very interesting concept. It's old though - from 2014 so maybe you've had it on somewhere here but if not - I hope someone finds this as lovely as I did ;)

Thanks! It doesn’t seem to have smut in it so I’ll just link it here, a zombie AU for anyone who wants to read it. - Kaylee

hi! do you have any where they use toys specially with Liam? thanks!

Mr. Sebastian - harrythefairyprincess (Liam/Zayn)

Zayn and Liam both want to bottom, so they use Mr. Sebastian. (toys, dildo, bottom!liam, bottom!zayn)

Hands to Myself - kisspersziam (Liam/Zayn)

the one where Zayn and Liam haven& rsquo;t seen each other in three months and Liam sends him naughty videos. A few days later, they see each other again, though with a bit of a surprise. (10k, top!zayn, bottom!liam, daddy!kink, toys, exhibitionism, spanking, dirty!talk)

Afternoon Rendezvous - sakixloverxxx (Liam/Harry)

Liam being waken up from a nap by Harry to have some adult fun. (top!harry, bottom!liam, riding, toys)

New Rush - MissLii (Liam/Louis)

Liam with a wireless vibrator in public, and Louis findin g the remote to it. (toys, vibrator, public!sex, bottom!liam)

- Kaylee

any alpha/omega narry with omega!niall??

Here you go! - Kaylee

We’ve been friends Now for a while (Track 5: Last First Kiss) - tisktisk (Harry/Niall, Liam/Zayn)

Harry is an Alpha, Niall is Beta and they’re a little more than best friends (omegaverse, alpha!harry, omega!niall, friends with benefits)

The alpha and the omega - Qwerty1 (Harry/Niall)

Niall knew Harry was mad at him. He could feel his alphas energy. He wasn’t suprised through, it was his own fault. It was his choice to flirt with that guy, and now he needed to pay. (omega!niall, alpha!harry, bdsm)

It’s Like I’m Running Through a Red Light - Ecila404 (Harry/Niall)

Niall plays guitar and sings in a relatively well-known band. They’ve been touring for years but now they’ve finally chosen to take a break, which means that, as an omega, he can finally go off of suppressants. His flat mate Zayn chooses stay with his girlfriend, leaving Niall to get through his heat alone… or that was the plan, at least. (top!harry, bottom!niall, alpha!harry, omega!niall, knotting)

Tonight, You’re Mine - maxette (Harry/Niall)

Omega Niall goes into heat, but it will be hours before Liam, his bond mate, can get home and knot him. Alpha Harry needs to step in before the pain drives Niall insane. Now if Harry can just remember he has to give Niall back at the end of his heat, everything will work out fine … Here, have some porn and feelings. (omega!niall, alpha!harry, dub!con, knotting, cheating)

you’ve got my head spinning - jamesniall (Harry/Niall)

Niall goes into heat two days before OTRA kicks off in America, and despite the circumstances, Harry is more than glad to be there for him. (top!harry, bottom!niall, alpha!harry, omega!niall, knotting)

Misunderstandings, Mad ness, and Something Close to Home - KayleeJohn (Harry/Niall)

Niall watches Harry pay the cabbie through the window and then he squints around as it drives off, looking lost. Niall steps forward, “Harry?”

Harry looks at him and then he’s walking over, stepping in, closer than Niall would’ve expected, but he doesn’t quite mind it. Harry looks better in person than he did online, in a way that makes Niall wish that this was more than just a one day thing. Harry looks like the kind of alpha that Niall would give in to, given the right circumstances.

Or the one where Niall needs an alpha urgently so he puts an ad up on Craigslist, crossing his fingers. Harry is one of the people who answers him. It’s all, what Niall would like to call, just a big misunderstanding. Really. (top!harry, bottom!niall, alpha!harry, omega!niall, rimming, spanking, knotting, fingering, pretend relationship, strangers to l overs)

Untitled - leprechauncupcakes (Harry/Niall)

Niall likes university. He likes the subjects of his classes and he likes the professors teaching them. He even, sometimes, likes his peers, when they aren’t asking stupid question. There is truly only one downside Niall can see to university. And it is the co-op dorms.

Niall doesn’t think it’s right that his roommate is an alpha. (top!harry, bottom!niall, rimming, riding)

take me all the way - Anonymous (Harry/Niall)

Niall finds something he wasn’t looking for. (top!niall, bottom!harry, fingering, rimming, toys)

Hey, I noticed a new lirry story archiveofourown(.)org/works/10479144 maybe someone has already managed to read it? and could help me out and tell me if it's top harry? I mean it's probably not because 90% of lirry is top liam but I am still hoping :D

ok, i just read it (even though i really should be working on my own fic) and it’s soo wonderful. it’s top!liam, though only in the, um, physical sense because harry sort of “tops” from the bottom. i definitely recommend reading it though because it’s so lovely. -meggie

see my shapes (shift them) - abovetheserpentine (Harry/Liam)

When Liam wins two tickets to São Paulo in a radio competition, he tells himself he won’t go. He’s got work, he’s got a life in London. He can’t go.

He goes.

Then he meets Harry, and n othing is ever the same. (26k, top!liam, bottom!harry, hand jobs, blow jobs, light dom/sub, topping from the bottom, anal sex, rimming)

Do any of you guys know what happened to scottmcniceass on ao3? Like do they have a different place where they're writing stories? Thanks!

hi there! 

as you probably know, all of her stories are still on ao3. neither of her blogs exist on tumblr anymore so, unless she’s made another blog and is keeping away from the one direction fandom, i think it’s safe to say she’s not around. i never “knew” or talked to caitlin, as i’m newer to the fandom. (in fact, i think her last story was posted almost two years before i became a directioner.) maybe kaylee knows a bit more, as she’s been around a bit longer and started writing around the same time as scottmcniceass. but it doesn’t seem she’s still wri ting or around the fandom anymore.

probably not what you wanted to hear but she does have 27 one direction fanfics on ao3!


hi so I was just wondering if u know this fic where Harry is a teenager and Liam is his stepdad andjack Harry off?

here you go! -meggie

Pretty Cock - idekboo (Harry/Liam)

Harry and his family move to the states and he’s bullied in the locker room for being uncircumcised. His stepfather Liam isn’t very happy about it and he teaches him to embrace his body in a way he knows he shouldn’t. (underage, age gap, stepdad!liam, stepson!harry, hand job, dirty talk)


no offense but like…..reblog the fics you like. there is nothing more discouraging than having people read your fic without leaving kudos or any form of response. comment if you like it! send them a message! use the tags to talk about how you liked it! share the work so that others can read it too!

too often fic writers deal with people hounding them for updates, but never any feedback. end the cycle. reblog the fics you like. talk about them. share them.

Hiya! I was wondering if you could find me that niam fic where Niall is younger than the other boys and he's in love with liam. But liam is with sophia but he babies Niall alot? Like Niall self harms because liam isn't paying attention to him and stuff. Please tell someone remembers what I'm talking about???

I’m personally not familiar with this fic, but maybe someone else knows it! 

Thanks @realityisallrelativeLike the air I’m breathing 

- Kaylee

Is there any with mirrors involved? Prefer bottom Zayn or bottom Harry but any ship really! Xxxx

heaven is a place on earth with you, tell me all the things you wanna do -bestiarybabes (Harry/Liam)

there are nights when Liam just needs to take care of his baby girl. (top!liam, bottom!harry, daddy!kink, sugardaddy!liam, sugarbaby!harry, subspace, spanking, mirror!sex)

ruin me - orphan_account (Harry/Niall)

“Now, I’m going to fuck you baby” Harry sighed dipping his fingers along Niall’s spine pinching his cute tiny love handles as he went. “and you’re going to look at yourself whilst I do so” (top!harry, bottom!niall, daddy!kink, rimming, fingering, crying, choking, facefucking, mirror!sex)

Mind My Wicked Words - soakyourskin (Liam/Zayn)

He feels the warmth radiating off of Liam’s body now and he knows that he’s standing right in front of him. He smiles as he reaches out both hands, placing them on Liam’s hips, and expecting to co me into contact with bare skin instead of—"what the…Liam?“

Liam’s thighs brush against his own as he steps forward, moving until he’s in between Zayn’s own. “You c'n—you, um, you can open your eyes,” he says, and Zayn’s almost too afraid to. Hesitant with the quiver in Liam’s voice, but he does anyway and—

“Fuck.” (top!zayn, bottom!liam, mirror!sex, feminisation)

Looking Vulnerable In My Bed - ImNotOhKay (Louis/Nick)

It’s just sex with feelings in front of a mirror. (top!nick, bottom!louis, hair pulling, mirror!sex)

Mirror - OliverRose (Liam/Niall)

Niall loved Liam’s big mirror. (top!liam, bottom!niall, spanking)